abstract art | contemporary art


Wanting to see what would happen when you take one of the most recognized symbols and flip it on its head, I first drew an upside down heart at the bottom of the page and worked my way up. As the blue lines filled out the space above, they began to form an open embrace, which further inspired a shape that symbolizes love externally amidst a chaotic internal landscape and the journeys one has to take from place to place.

Medium: Silverpoint, blue color on Strathmore artist paper, Bristol Sheets, Smooth 2-ply

Size: 22 H x 22 W x 0.1 in

Year: 2016

Shipping: Ships in a cardboard box, shipping and frame not included. If you are a local Bay Area collector or buyer, I would like to personally meet you, I can deliver the piece myself, or you could come by to my studio and we can chat about the piece you have purchased.