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Galaxy I

This drawing depicts an old-fashioned drinking goblet. While it appears to be an inanimate, top-heavy object, there’s a twist. In the top and center of the drawing, negative and positive space create the upper lip of someone’s mouth — the two indents on the left and right side are the cheeks of a person’s face, having the drink out of the offering goblet. As the person sips its content, the flavor of success is greatly felt. Cheers! I have arrived after crossing many check points.

Medium: Silverpoint, blue color on Stonehenge Natural paper, 90Lbs

Size: 22 H x 22 W x 0.1 in

Year: 2016

Shipping: Ships in a cardboard box, shipping and frame not included. If you are a local Bay Area collector or buyer, I would like to personally meet you, I can deliver the piece myself, or you could come by to my studio and we can chat about the piece you have purchased.