As an artist, I strive to complement people’s lives through ideas, concepts and thought processes represented as original art experiences.



I was born in Cali, Colombia. In 1999 higher education studies took me to attend Blake College School of Art and Design in London, while being there, I took drawing, life drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking courses. In London, I worked under Emma Wood doing printmaking under her direction for a year, I learned many different techniques such as intaglio, etching, linocut and monotypes. In 2001 I moved to the United States to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta, earning a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design in 2005 and a Master’s Thesis in Graphic Design from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010, with a focus on environmentally and socially responsible products and packaging. In Atlanta under Robert Brown and Cynthia Lollis I worked on letterpress, transfers, screen printing and digital prints while attending grad school.

I currently live in Berkeley, CA and I work for UC Berkeley Extension, Art and Design Department running Graphic Design and UX Design programs of study, I’m also a professor of graphic design. Work in my field has been the main focus in my life, but two years ago, I decided to work on my contemporary art and abstract art drawings, paintings and prints again, getting out of my comfort zone. I am finding the time to do my artwork in the evenings and on weekends at The Compound Gallery, which seems to be working quite well, I am loving it. The mediums I’m using are pen and ink on paper and acrylics on paper, acrylics on claybord, gesso board, spray paint, canvas and screen printing on various materials. These mediums are extremely flexible, allowing me to do things I never did before, which helps me achieve the type of work I want to do today by applying Gestalt principles of design.

Human Migration is another aspect of influence for my artwork. To me, the mass movement that the world is experiencing these days provide intricacies that we hardly ever experience in modern society.

artist statement

I observe, deconstruct and reconstruct shapes by using a grid system to create this series of artwork. I landed on the theme of double lines and layers of color, inspired by the fruit and vegetables I use in my home kitchen. These lines and colors also represent patterns of migration and the journeys people take around the world to protect or better their lives. My hope is that those who look at my work will discover shapes and narratives of their own imaginings. I want eyes and hearts to travel beyond the two-dimensional spaces represented to make an emotional connection. 


Human Migration is another aspect of influence for my artwork. To me, the mass movement that the world is experiencing these days provide intricacies that we hardly ever experience in modern society. In my drawings you can see multi-line work and that is the reflection on how people migrate from place to place trying to settle down temporarily or for good; and their endless journeys. We embark in many type of life journeys such as personal goals, surviving, relationships, family, kids, love ones, education, or lack of it, travel, interactions, careers, jobs, making a home, daily errands and many more. We complicate things at times, there are many bumps and hiccups, but at the end some make it. It can take us long time to get to the final destination, however, we complete most of our journeys and that is what you can experience in this new collection. I merged the two concepts together creating a unique way to show world migration with my own visual language.

I also would like to say that artist Ellsworth Kelly had been a big influence for my works, as he did his real-life observations and they were the essence of his abstraction works, which were reproductions of the shapes and elements he understood in the world around him. In that way, I do similar things, trying to stay connected with my own observations of the world and the reinterpretation of those external influences in my life are a direct reflection of my body of work.